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Civil Law

It’s not rare for businesses or people to be involved in legal disputes with other people or businesses – in fact it’s actually quite common. Disputes such as a breach of contract, fall under civil litigation which employs the use of arbitrators or courts for adjudication.

For plaintiffs that find themselves in a civil litigation suit, the goal is to come to an agreement and to get reasonable compensation for an injustice. The Defendants, on the other hand, want to preserve their rights, so they oppose the plaintiff’s claim.

Whether you’re a defendant or a plaintiff, LEB Law has the qualified Fort Worth civil lawyers and litigation attorneys you need to achieve success. From contractual disputes to appellate cases, our attorneys have the experience required to get you the best results possible
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Our civil lawyers in Fort Worth represent both plaintiffs and defendants in these types of cases:

Business Related Litigation

• Breach of contract
• Fraud
• Dissolution or breakup of a business
• Business disputes
• Unfair business practices
• Trade secrets
• Securities matters
• Non-compete covenants
• Breach of warranties
• Employment litigation
• Mechanics’ liens

Liquor license violations

Permanent and preliminary injunctions


Liquor license violations

Personal Litigation

• Product liability
• Personal injury
• Medical malpractice
• Asbestos-related injuries
• Mesothelioma
• Nursing home abuse and neglect
• Administrative law

Permanent and preliminary injunctions

• Landlord-tenant litigation
• Real estate litigation
• Premises liability
• Construction defects

Filing A Civil Litigation Lawsuit

Let us explain how civil litigation works. Every lawsuit starts in one of these two ways – either as an attorney consultation or a direct claim filing with the courts. Usually, attorneys try to reach out to the other party to find out if they can settle out of court. If a resolution cannot be reached, the civil lawyer in Fort Worth then files a complaint in court.

The next phase, the discovery process, begins the moment a defendant responds to the formal filing. Here, each party carries out an investigation in order to learn more about the opposition’s case. The discovery phase generally involves subpoenas, document production, and verbal testimony. Before finally taking the case to trial, both parties may get back together to negotiate an agreeable settlement.

Timing Is Crucial

Whether you are a defendant or a plaintiff in a civil litigation suit, you must act according to court-enforced time restraints. A plaintiff is allowed to file a complaint only a limited number of times, depending on the type of lawsuit.
And a defendant must respond within the time allocated on the notice (usually 21 days). Your LEB Law civil lawyers and litigation attorneys in Fort Worth will not only represent you but will also help ensure that you meet all court deadlines.

Civil Litigation Attorneys In Fort Worth

Your civil litigation lawyer will make or break your case, so it’s best not to take chances – go with the best, work with us! Unlike other attorneys who draw out a lawsuit, and still don’t produce any positive results, we believe in moving cases forward quickly so long as it’s in your favor.
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